Nominations for the 2019 UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education are now open!

The annual prize awards $50,000 to two laureates. Individuals, institutions or organisations can be nominated, and must meet the following criteria, as outlined in the explanatory note:

The nominations will only be considered if the project/programme:

• Has a clear focus on advancing girls’ and women’s education, and the promotion of gender equality in and through education, and contributes to one or more of the five priority areas of the Prize:

  1. Participation: Supporting girls to transition from primary education to lower-secondary education and to complete full basic education
  2. Literacy: Supporting adolescent girls and young women to acquire literacy skills
  3. Environment: Supporting the creation of a gender-responsive and safe teaching-learning environment
  4. Teachers: Engaging teachers to be change agents with gender-responsive teaching attitudes and practices
  5. Skills: Supporting girls and women to acquire knowledge/skills for life and work

• has already been running for at least two years; and

• shows evidence that it may be replicable, scalable and/or provide significant learning potential for initiatives in other contexts

Eligible candidates will then be assessed on the following:

  1. 1. Impact
  2. 2. Innovation, and;
  3. 3. Sustainability

Nominations must be put forward by either a National Commission for UNESCO (Click here for details of the Australian National Commission) or a UNESCO partner NGO and interested candidates are asked to get in touch with a relevant organisation to have their nomination made.

Read the full announcement here.

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