Gender-wise Philanthropy - Gender Equity Pledge

The devastating bushfires of early 2020, followed by the COVID-19 global pandemic have dramatically highlighted the gendered impacts of disaster events on our society.

The evidence clearly shows that women in Australia are disproportionately affected in job losses, in exposure to the virus as the majority of health care workers, and in the additional demands of childcare particularly with the need to support school-aged children in remote learning. Gendered impacts are also evident in the increased levels of domestic violence that so often accompany disaster and post-disaster environments.

An additional area of concern is the disproportionate take up of early access to superannuation savings which will further exacerbate the already dangerously low levels of retirement savings for women and the consequent risk of poverty and homelessness in later years.

In developing nations these gendered impacts are even more dramatically felt and the need to invest in women’s rights and their economic security more urgent than ever.

While the need for a gender lens on philanthropic practice is not new - the current circumstances have amplified the urgent need for an intentional strategic focus on women and girls.

This has inspired us to invite the philanthropic community to commit to the Gender-wise Philanthropy - Gender Equity Pledge.

We congratulate all who have responded and whose giving recognises both the needs of women, as well as their valuable contribution to recovery efforts no matter what the cause area.

We invite you to take the Gender Equity Pledge and add your name to this growing community of funders who recognise a gender lens as central to best practice philanthropy.

The Australian Women Donors Network has information resources, tools and training to support the integration of a gender lens in your philanthropic practice and invites you to reach out if you would like our support by emailing

Contact us to commit to the Gender Equity Pledge

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